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The Lisboan

International School

At The Lisboan we seamlessly combine world-leading curricula to give your child the best academic programme for the particular stage of their education journey. Beyond the classroom we offer a diverse programme of enrichment activities. As an international school for children from 3 to 18, we celebrate our diversity, firmly rooted in a spirit of kindness, inclusivity and a commitment to do what’s right for the planet. The Lisboan is situated right in the heart of the vibrant Alcântara district of Lisbon in a former pasta factory, sustainably converted to celebrate its heritage while creating an inspiring learning environment, fit for global citizens.


A Kind


For Children To Learn

We believe a kind environment is essential for your child to thrive. We want your children to love coming to school, to connect with each other and their teachers, and to explore their place in the world.


Our principles Belong, Own, Act (BOA) are complemented by five key values, Kindness, Curiosity, Connectedness, Resilience and Integrity.

Together, these are central to all that we do in our school. We care for ourselves, each other, and our planet.

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At The Lisboan School, we expect our students to participate in our experience programme. The Lisboan Experience Programme is a pathway to support our students in developing their interpersonal skills, positive relationships, and levels of accomplishment and engagement.

Our Core Enrichment Programme focuses on five areas: Passion, Arts, Service, Sports, and Internship. The programme takes place at the end of each school day. Our Co-curricular and Experiential Learning Enrichment Programme has three core components: city as our classroom, Discovery Week, In-residence programme.

A school

with soul

The Lisboan is so much more than a school. It will be an integral hub of a vibrant community, respecting the Alcântara district’s historic roots in a stunning and sympathetic renovation of a former pasta factory.

We look forward to playing a key role, from providing transformational bursaries for local families, to opening our doors to share our wonderful facilities. And, just like the dynamic, entrepreneurial global community we serve, how we teach – and how our students learn – represents a spirit of exploration, inquiry and curiosity.